Committees of ETUMUN'17

Dear prospective participants,

The first of 6 committees of ETUMUN that you will bring order to is War Cabinet of North Korea; War Cabinet of North Korea, is a war focused committee run by generals and officers. Kim Jong Un will lead his soldiers in battle to cleanse the South from imperialism and unite under one true Korea

The second of 6 committees of ETUMUN that you will bring order to is Historical Committee; Vietnam war
Vietnam War, truly a gruesome and nightmarish operation between the divided lands of Vietnam. Blood is spilled as the situation drags powerful countries into opposition.

The third one is; GA-3 SOCHUM
Join us in Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee as we combat modern day slavery and rise against the ever growing problem of media censorship and journalistic freedom.

The fourth one is; GA-1 DISEC
Disarmament and Security Committee will be focusing on nuclear armory in the dangerous Middle East region as well as disarming international trade routes.

The fifth one is; United Nations Security Council
Security Council’s targets this year are the Civil War in the Central Africa region and the heinous crime against humanity; chemical attacks in Syria region.

Lastly; NATO
North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be taking a closer look at the tension between Russia and the Organization caused by Syrian conflicts while trying to sustain peace and stability in Kosova.

Apply now from and do not miss the chance! 2-5 November #etumun17